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WINNER Lori Burke 02-27-22 NAwlins bruch.jpg

2023 Chef of the Year


Lake Geneva School of Cooking is happy to announce our


Congratulations to Lori Burke!

Lori is preparing butter Whipped Potatoes for Dinner Time, Wine Time: Mardi Gras. Way to give 120% Lori!

Lori has won a $200 gift certificate and bragging rights for one whole year. Right on, Chef Lori!

Congrats Lori our Chef of the Year, and we look forward to seeing even more incredible pictures from everyone this year!


We would also like to announce, Heather Duich has won a $100 Gift Certificate for helping us choose our winner for the

2023 Chef of the Year Contest!



Congratulations, Lori! We look forward to having you join us here at the Lake Geneva School of Cooking!

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